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Coaching to develop a Culture of Outreach & Evangelism

Do you long see an Discipleship-Evangelism Culture developed within your church where: 

  • your church's members mature into disciples who joyfully make new disciples? 

  • every ministry of your church is aligned to bringing maximum impact to your community?

  • easy on-ramps are established for the Lost to discover life with Jesus?

Our Core Concept for Creating an Evangelistic Culture 

Session B: Exponential Evangelism & the Outreach Influence Team

The Sign of the Dove Church has benefitted tremendously from James Chambers’ evangelism and discipleship teachings.  James is a great communicator, powerful spirit-filled teacher/facilitator who is gifted in making the scriptures practical and alive.  He connects well with his audience and he empowers them to carry out the Great Commission of Jesus, “go therefore and make disciples of all the nations…” James’ passion for winning souls and building them up in their faith takes a backseat to nobody that I know today and he infuses that same passion into many of those who attend his training sessions."

-Harry Stackhouse, Founding Pastor & General Overseer

The Sign of the Dove Churches Int'l

The aim of our coaching is to lead you through a process in creating a Discipleship-Evangelism culture whereby church members move from attenders to mature disciples who consistently reach the Lost, and to the degree that your church primarily grows by conversion.  


After the Discipleship-Evangelism Culture is Implemented you will see:

  1. Discipleship Process transitions members into mature disciples & Disciple-Makers 

  2. An Evangelistic Engine saturate your ministries with sustained evangelistic fervor & activity, consistently bringing people to Jesus

  3. Evangelistic fruit be Multiplicative vs. additive as Believers live a lifestyle witness

  4. Your church grow primarily by conversion

10 Core Coaching Sessions + Implementation Calls + Doing Evangelism Together 

Phase 1: Toward an Evangelistic Culture

Session A……..A Disciple-Making Culture that Grows the Church by Conversion

                         Becoming Evangelistic Leaders who produce Evangelistic Disciples


Session B……..Exponential Evangelism: Understanding the Outreach Influence Team 

                         The Outreach Influence team Leader & Senior Pastor’s Relationship


Session C……..6 Levels of Influence: Raising the Church’s Evangelistic Temperature

                         Mobilizing the Outreach Influence Team


Session D…..…Creating Multiple On-Ramps for the Lost to Enter the Life of your Church

                         Turning the Ship: Wise Vision Casting for an Evangelistic Culture


Session E.........The 2-Year Plan to Resource the Outreach Influence Team

Phase 2: Toward a Disciple-Making Culture

Session F…..…Micro-Discipleship: Developing Philosophy of Personal Discipleship

                          Recapturing Jesus’ Vision & Way of Making Mature Disciples

                          Life Together: Discipling the Found in their new Identity in Christ 


Session G…..…Macro-Discipleship: Developing Philosophy of Church Discipleship

                          Intro to a Discipleship Process: Maturing Members into Disciples

                          Developing Jesus’ Vision of a Mature Disciple for your Church


Session H……..Assessing Movement Along Your Discipleship Process

                          Alignment: Maximizing each Program’s Energy for Greater Impact


Session I…..….Focus: Guarding the Synergistic Energy in your Discipleship Process 

Session J.........Tying Together the Micro & Macro Levels of Discipleship

Chael Tiller, 
Senior Pastor
Fusion Church

Why We work with James...

"Our church was looking for someone who understood and shared our values of mission, discipleship and Spirit-led ministry to help equip our community in evangelism.  James was a great fit for us!  His focus was not on evangelism formulas to be followed, but on building a culture of Kingdom values to release everyday people to share the Good News the way that Jesus did.  James is quickly becoming not just a consultant, but a partner in God's work through Fusion Church!"

Chael Tiller, 
Senior Pastor
Fusion Church

Here's What You'll Receive


24 monthly Group Coaching Modules via Zoom video conference (1 hour each) 

  • 24 coaching sessions to help the Sr. Pastor influence the congregation & leadership team in outreach

  • 24 sessions to help your Outreach Influence Team Leader prepare for monthly Outreach Influence Team meetings 


Access to the Culture of Outreach Platform:

  • 2 years of Complete Outreach Influence Team Plans & Meeting Agendas for your Church

  • 2 years of evangelism training 

  • 1 year of Pre-written emails & text messages to influence your leadership team in outreach

  • Canned outreach Ideas 

  • How to reach out when you're in full-time ministry


To Begin Individual Coaching for your church leadership team or

Group Coaching through a Pastor's Cohort in your City


Got Questions: email us at: 

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