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Coaching for Pastors 

to Develop a

Discipleship-Evangelism Culture

Beyond Programs. Beyond Initiatives. Beyond Seminars.


A Culture Of Discipleship-Evangelism


See how we are helping pastors create a SUSTAINABLE culture of Discipleship-Evangelism that matures members from being passive attendees to active disciple-makers, and grows their church by conversion.

2 Ways To Mobilize Your Church

To Engage Your Community.


Awaken Your City



7 Days of Prayer & Evangelism that EQUIP Believers to Saturate Your City with the Gospel

Do you long to see your church awakened with a passion to reach the Lost?

Are you ready to engage your city with the hope of the Gospel?





Over 24,000 believers from 383 churches have been revived to share the Gospel with over 67,000 people in communities just like yours. 


Let's Revive Your Church to 

AWAKEN your City!

Dr. Rick Richardson

Director, Academic Programs

Billy Graham Center for Evangelism

Wheaton College 

"James Chambers is a man on a mission- to equip the whole church to communicate the gospel to everyone possible. He is motivating, teaches substantive material, and is filled with God's Spirit. His sessions focus on equipping everyday people to trust in the power of the gospel, prayer, renewal, and God at work to heal and to save. James will help your church or ministry achieve its redemptive potential to reach people who don't know Jesus and to help them come home to God."



Apostle Harry Stackhouse, Founding Pastor, The Sign of the Dove Churches

 Overseer, Dove Ministries Int'l

"The Sign of the Dove Church has benefitted tremendously from James Chambers’ evangelism and discipleship teachings. James is a great communicator, powerful, Spirit-filled teacher/facilitator who is gifted in making the scriptures practical and alive. He connects well with his audience and he empowers them to carry out the Great Commission of Jesus. James’ passion for winning souls and building them up in their faith takes a backseat to nobody that I know today and he infuses that same passion into many of those who attend his training sessions."

Jessica Leep Fick, 

Evangelist & 

Author at Stonecroft

For over 10 years I’ve seen James have a unique ability to reach so many types of people - from students on college campuses to people he meets on the street. I’m continually impressed by James’ ability to sense the Holy Spirit and respond to Him. James takes his passion and uses it to train others to see what God is doing all around them and it’s inspiring. I’m thankful of all the ways he’s trained so many generations of people."



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