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How to Share The Gospel When You Don't feel ready 2.0 


Looking for Easy Ways to Share Your Faith?

Discover How to Share Your Faith Boldly & Effectively with Evangelist James. 

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Discover How we 
Reached & Discipled 
over 10,493 Millennials & Gen Z's 
Watering Down the Gospel...
and get equipped to do the same

Get James' eBooK

How To Share the Gospel When You Don't Feel REady

Would like you to share Christ with your friends but don't feel like you know how? Download James Chambers book where he shares the story of the 1st time he led someone to Christ as a college student, and shows  you the 5 things  he learned that he still uses today. 

LGBTQ Conversations

Discover the exact principles we're using to consistently reach people in the LGBTQ community in a loving & truthful way

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